Wholesale Virtual Assistants For You And Your Clients

Having worked with many SMEs over the past twenty years, what has been made clear is many agencies struggle with time management or don’t time to spare. Hence, we have added branded Virtual Assistant (VA) as a service to help you and your clients juggle the day to day running of a business.

Think about it. If you were to offer virtual assistance to your clients, you would be promoting a way to support their companies – while growing your own business. The accompanying benefits for you include offering this service at zero set up cost and with minimal risk. We understand how great it would be to expand your service offering. Thanks to our wholesale services, you can hire your very own VA for your company as well, at wholesale rates.

In other words, we offer a solution that requires no paperwork, no hiring, no fuss.

The risks mentioned above that you will be dodging are mainly to do with HR risks associated with hiring employees. A Virtual Experience is a terrific way for an organisation leader to free up time that can be better spent by outsourcing repetitive tasks that you deal with day by day.

The Virtual Assistants service offering like any of our other services come with quality assurance as we exclusively offer consistent, competent Vas on which you can depend.

Using our highly trained and experienced virtual assistants, you will able to manage your projects effectively which will spare you time to focus on marketing so you can scale faster. Keep in mind that, should you have a specific skill need, we encourage you to send an enquiry to us. We may have an assistant with a suitable skill set that can help.



Virtual Assistance Services

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Due to low overhead and high flexibility, VAs are a cost-effective hiring solution for agencies of all shapes and sizes.

As businesses grow, it becomes increasingly challenging to stay on top of daily tasks that keep things running. Hiring on-site, full-time support is not always an option which is where VAs come in. The list of services that our virtual assistance department includes is rather extensive. Stay tuned for constant expansions to the offering to have more specialised and niche skills.

Here is our comprehensive list of services that can be pinned down. Our virtual assistance services include but are not limited to:

Blog Posting Icon

Blog Posting & Management


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Social Media Management

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Data Entry

Calendar Managment Icon

Calendar Management

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Data Entry

Calendar Managment Icon

Calendar Management

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Email Management

Email Managment Icon

Email Management

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Data Mining

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Event Co-ordination

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Process Documentation

Achieve your corporate goals by effortlessly adding a freelance VA to your team with just the click of a button. Or, hire us to expand your service offering to include virtual assistance and help your digital clients with efficiency and satisfaction.

Free up your time and money with a risk-free solution today. Contact us for more information about our virtual assistants today.