How To Create Your Client’s Customer Avatar

Successful businesses have one thing in common: they understand their customers. They know who their customers are—and by knowing this, they have a better, clearer and the more direct picture of how to speak to them…how to sell to them.

Digital marketing agencies would benefit greatly by offering their clients a step-by-step instructions guideline on how to create their customer avatar.

This added offering will enable not only your clients to know their audience better but will help your agency present work that is more effective, more targeted and more relevant to your clients’ customers.

Here’s what you should know when helping your clients create accurate avatars:

Your client must understand what section of the market is likely to want to purchase their product or service. Understanding the audience and who they are is the purpose of creating an avatar customer so that your agency can have a better direction when creating marketing campaigns.

Your client should know what their service is – and they should know it inside-out. This needs to be clear. It needs to be so specific that there is no room for questions or misinterpretations. When your agency goes off to create marketing material, you need to have access to clear, concise and correct information about their product or service.

You need to do some undercover work, as it were; and discover where these “customers” hang out. Are they mainly Facebook users or is the personality type more likely to use traditional media to find information or to make purchases? If you understand where they go, then you can help your client’s campaign work more effectively because you will know where to post your marketing material.

Understanding the voice you should use will make the difference between a “lead” and a “leave”. Once you understand the services being offered, you will then know what voice to use. For example, if your client is selling a service to other businesses, then the voice needs to be B2B and not B2C. This helps with the direction of the conversation, which is a step closer to securing that precious lead.

As a digital marketing agency, you’ve probably learned that emotions are what make people press the “buy” button. You need to become more invested emotionally with your sales writing and advertising strategies. However, you will not know how to be emotional until you understand your clients’ customers’ pains and challenges. Take time to know their pain-points.

Break it down
In order to understand your clients’ customers better, break it down to the very mundane. For example, ask, “Is this service for a single mother who needs more time with her children?” or “Is this service or product for a family; would it suit a family situation?” When you break it down to the nitty-gritty, you will then get to understand exactly who you are writing to.

Nobody, off the bat, is going to run to your client’s store with ready-money. They will object first. It is human nature to be inquisitive and also to find reasons not to do something. Help your clients now, by brainstorming all the objections their customers could raise. Your next step? Overcome every objection with a plausible reason (emotional, especially) to entice the customer to desire your client’s product.

Purchase process
It is no use whatsoever to shoot in the dark. You may as well not do any marketing if your strategy is loose and not targeted properly. What this means is that as the agency, you are responsible to help your clients sell more of their products – and the only way to do this is to get into the face of the correct person who will make the buying decision, not the person’s grand mamma.

For more information, contact us today and start seeing your clients’ customer base grow, simply by having an avatar to which you can direct all your marketing efforts.

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