Structured Data-Driven Conversion Rate Optimisation Services Designed To Produce Results

As a digital marketing agency in Netherlands, you may be familiar with the following questions from your clients:

How can you help get quality traffic driven to my website and not just drive-by views?

How do I know that the traffic I’m paying your agency to increase will convert into sales?

Traffic to my website has improved, but my average sales conversions have remained the same. What are we doing wrong?

The endgame of digital marketing is the same for most clients – traffic that converts into sales. If you’re wondering how to get your clientele the conversions that they want, this is the strategy that you should be focusing on. Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is a web development strategy that addresses issues hindering a website’s ability to increase its sales conversion rates.

Think of it this way; you’ve got SEO to drive traffic to your website, now what? Once you have the traffic, CRO solves two essential issues; what do viewers do when they arrive on a site and why are they not converting? SEO Resellers has launched a conversion rate optimisation service that addresses these challenges and takes care of the drive-by viewer conundrum.





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Our CRO services have been designed to address sales objectives, such as:
Converting traffic to leads:

Converting traffic to leads

Increasing sales

Increasing signups

Increasing enquiries

Now that you have succeeded with your digital marketing efforts for your clients, namely the email marketing, AdWords and SEO, in generating website traffic, it’s time for phase two.

SEO Resellers Singapore offers a six month CRO process which entails:

Conducting analysis

Making recommendations

Implementing these recommendations (an additional fee applies here)

Testing challenges

Reporting results

By creating our CRO service, we are offering added value to your and your clients’ digital marketing efforts. Our trained CRO specialists rely on proven techniques that promote traffic to take desired actions while on the platform.

These techniques include site speed optimisation (minification, browser caching and image optimisation), A/B testing and Multivariate testing.

CRO Flow Process

Analytics Analysis

Sessions, Bounce Rate, Exit Rate, Exit Place, Conversion Rate, Average Time on Page, etc

CRO Tools

Google Analytics, Crazzy Eggs, Kissmetrics

Website Analysis

Design, Call To Actions, Loading Speed, Responsiveness, Imagery, Color Scheme, etc

Website Analysis

Design, Call To Actions, Loading Speed, Responsiveness, Imagery, Color Scheme, etc

Content Optimization

Content-Length, Placement, Relevance, Quality, Accuracy

Content Optimization

Content-Length, Placement, Relevance, Quality, Accuracy

CRO Testing

Implementation of CRO, Split Testing of Traffic, More Changes, Comparison with Old Site


Comprehensive CRO Report After 3 Months, Implementation of changes, Month 4 Analysis & Reporting, Month 5 Analysis & Reporting, Month 6 Final Reporting

How do we know that our CRO service works? Not one to make empty promises, SEO Resellers put our sites to the test and implemented techniques that offered the results expected. Get in touch with our customer support to find out more about our case studies.

Allow our strategies in conversion rate optimisation to make you and your clients more money.